Aviation Windings

AEM is a market leader in the rewind, repair and overhaul of electrical windings for aerospace and defence industries.  Rewinding offers our customers significant savings in time and money when compared to the costs associated with the purchase of new units.

Our capability covers a wide range of units including the following:

  • AC Stators
  • AC Rotors
  • DC Stators
  • DC Armatures
  • Coil Manufacture
  • Hairpin Manufacture

AEM has achieved approval to EASA Part 21 Sub-part J.  This approval enables us to reverse-engineer electrical rewound components and produce new and improved repair schemes for these parts.  We are also able to approve changes to (alternative) parts and materials within the scope of approval.  If a specific part number is not shown on our capability list and you have a regular requirement for the repair of this component, we can reverse engineer the part under our design approval.

AEM is an approved Schenck balancing centre.  We are equipped with the latest technology in precision balancing as demanded by the industry.  Our services include the following:

  • Brazing (Resistance and Torch)
  • Balancing
  • VPI Impregnation